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Activities and Experiences Throughout the Year

Our high-quality villas invite you to spend an unforgettable vacation on the shores of clean Lake Saimaa. In the surrounding area, you can find versatile nature, cultural and sports activities that you can enjoy all year round.

Wonderful national parks

The Kolovesi and Linnansaari national parks located near the villas offer excellent opportunities for camping and unforgettable nature experiences. Pyyli’s path takes you to a 3.8 km long nature trail, which partly runs through the forests of Kolovesi National Park. National parks are a kayaker’s and quiet lover’s dream, and the lucky ones may even meet a sympathetic Saimaa seal when moving near the water. You should inquire about renting a canoe or kayak when renting a cabin.

KolovesiLinnansaariPyyli´s path

The Heinävesi route and its six canals – a piece of the most beautiful Finland

Narrow, twisted waterways, island lakes and old canals make the Heinävesi route unique. Steamships have operated along the twisted and narrow route for a hundred years. The Heinävesi route is not called the most beautiful in Finland for nothing – everyone should experience this at least once in their life.

Route map

Pääskyvuori’s winter activities

There is a ski resort Pääskyvuori near the center of Heinävesi, about 37 kilometers from the villas. This versatile winter sports center offers downhill, skiing, tobogganing and sledding activities for the whole family.


Padel and frisbee golf in Enonkoski

The joy of exercise can be found in Enonkoski, where there is the nearest padel court and a frisbee golf course.

Korpi padelEnonkoski DiscGolfPark

Monastery tour in Heinävesi

The Valamo monk monastery located in Heinävesi welcomes guests all year round. The peaceful atmosphere of the monastery and the surrounding nature offer a unique opportunity to relax away from all the hustle and bustle. From Valamo, you can also visit Lintula Monastery, which is the only Orthodox nunnery in the Nordic countries.

Valamo monasteryLintula monastery

Savonlinna and fairytale Olavinlinna

The city of Savonlinna, located about 50 km away, is known above all for Olavinlinna (Castle of Olavi) and the Opera Festival, which is an internationally known event.